Super Simple DIY Dog Rope

How to make a rope toy from old tshirts! This was not only easy, but also lasted longer than a store bought rope, which is quite an accomplishment for my aggressive chewers.

Time: ~15 minutes

– at least 1 old cotton shirt (2 or 3 would be better for color variety)
– scissors
– rubberbands


1. Gather some old cotton t-shirts. I found that mens’ shirts work better because they are longer. The thicker the shirt, the better, for durability purposes.

2. Cut each shirt lengthwise into 3-4″ wide strips. 3 large mens’ shirts should make at least 4 rope toys.

3. Pick three of the strips and secure them at one end with a rubberband.

4. Braid TIGHTLY down the entire length of the strip, then secure again at the end with another rubberband.

5. Repeat step #4 until you have 3 separate braids.

6. Gather the 3 braids together at one end, making sure to remove the rubberbands. Make a knot with all three ends of the braid. Make sure to pull each separate braid after it has been knotted, to ensure a tight knot.

7. Once your knot is as tight as you can make it, braid the smaller braids together, VERY TIGHTLY.

8. You may want to stop braiding a few inches from the rubberbands, as it will make it easier to tie another knot. Remove the rest of the rubberbands and repeat the knot tying process at this end.

You’re done! Now you won’t be frustrated when your dog destroys their expensive toys in 30 minutes flat.