How to Cut Glass Bottles (Safely!)

How to Cut Glass Bottles…
and make them into glasses, vases, candle holders, etc.

Materials needed:
– clean, empty glass bottle
– yarn (cotton/poly blend is best)
– acetone (nail polish remover)
– a bucket of ice cold water (filling up your sink is easiest)
– a lighter (the long handled ones are safest)
– an oven mitt or something similar


1. Find an empty glass bottle – it’s easier to start off with smaller bottles, such as beer bottles, because the glass is thinner.

2. Make sure you bottle is clean and dry, and the lid is removed.

3. Wrap the yarn around the section of the bottle where you want it to be cut. For smaller bottles, wrap the yarn a minimum of 4-5 times around the bottle, double for thicker bottles.

4. Take the yarn off (keeping the loop intact) and soak in the acetone. I pur a little in a bowl and dip the yarn into the bowl.

5. Then replace the yarn around the bottle, where you want it to be cut. Try to make sure there isn’t extra acetone dripping down the bottle or on your hands.

6. Holding the bottle at one end over the cold water with your oven mitt, light the yarn on fire.

7. Slowly rotate the bottle to get even heat distribution.

8. Once the flame has gone out (about 60 seconds), immediately dunk the bottle into the cold water. The bottle should crack by itself, or you can gently tap it on the side of the sink.

9. If the bottle doesn’t crack on the first try, simply repeat the process, this time wrapping the yarn around a few more times.

10. Carefully remove the yarn, taking care not to cut yourself on the glass edges.


11. Using a rough sandpaper, thoroughly sand the edges of the glass.

12. If you sand it well enough, you can use the glass to drink out of, but they also make nice vases, pencil holders, or candle jars. This method is actually pretty safe, even though it seems dangerous! Just don’t be stupid, use common sense.

Have fun!
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7 thoughts on “How to Cut Glass Bottles (Safely!)

    • Completely left that part out, sorry! The instructions are updated now, but you would soak the yarn in the acetone, and then replace it onto the bottle.

  1. Hi, so I used this method exactly, I tried it on a dozen mikes hard lemonade bottles. And while all of them cut just fine only three out of twelve broke without fractures running through the glass. Is there some way I could be preventing that? I’m excited to have learned how to do this but I’m disappointed only a fourth of my glasses are usable.

  2. Fill your bottle to the level you want with oil .Heat a metal rod to red hot plunge it into the oil ,the bottle will break clean at the oil level .

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